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Legacy Society

When you provide for PBS North Carolina in your will, trust or other planned giving document, you are invited to become a member of the PBS North Carolina Legacy Society. The Legacy Society honors the philanthropic leadership and vision of those individuals who have so thoughtfully provided for the future of PBS North Carolina through a planned gift.

Private philanthropy is an integral part of PBS North Carolina's success, and its future. Legacy Society gifts help to ensure the continuation of our mission of public service and preserve our shared values for the benefit of future generations of North Carolinians.

Benefits of Membership

PBS North Carolina Legacy Society members receive special benefits, including:
  • Recognition for your special gift (if desired)
  • Invitations to special events and screenings
  • VIP Tours of our studio upon request
  • Periodic updates on planned giving topics of interest

If you have already included PBS North Carolina or the North Carolina Public Television Foundation in your estate plan, we deeply appreciate your generous commitment. We hope you will choose to let us know so that we may thank you personally and recognize your kindness in the records of the PBS North Carolina Legacy Society. If you wish your gift to remain anonymous, we pledge not to publish or disclose your identity. Everything will be held in strictest confidence, but you will still enjoy the benefits of your membership. To notify us of your future gift or for more information, please contact Taunja Ingram at 877-485-3200 or [email protected].

If you have not yet included the University of North Carolina Center for Public Media in your will or estate plans, we invite you to become a Legacy Society member today.

You Will be in Good Company

The following is a list of our Legacy Society Members:

Nancy W. Ahmad
Anne K. Allen
Florence H. Alston
Edmon Badham
Guy and Ingrid Baird
John and Betty Baker
William and Harriet Ball
Sibyl M. Ballantine
Elwood and Margie Black
Robert K. Black and Jessie O. Sanderson, Jr.
William and Anne Brashear
Robert and Patti Bricker
Carol Thomas Browning
James and Mary Buchanan
Anthony and Vicki Cecalupo
Morag J. Cheesman
D. E. "Woody" Clinard
Britt and Ann Cobb
Jeffrey Collins and Rose Mills
Harold and Lyndell Coppedge
Carol C. Croom
Gwendolyn and Charles Davis
Arthur and Mignon DeBerry
Nancy Devor
Mary Donaldson
Gail and John Dove
Leif A. Duvall
Jeannie Edens
Michael Evans
Mary L. Fell
John and Balinda Ferree
Linda S. Finemann
Christa A. Fleming
John Gehrs and Rebecca Barchas
Billy Gray
Lydia B. Green
Donald and Laura Grimes
Mark and Kay Guimond
James and Mary Hagen
John Hall
David T. Hardison
Eugene and Harriet Heise
Hilda A. and W. L. Highfill
Gale Hill
Geneva A. Hines
Jewel Hoogstoel
David B. Horne
Carolyn Huettel
Vern and Hilde Jensen
Patricia Wykstra Johnson
Daniel L. Jones
Peggy J. Jones
Charles and Kitty Jordan
Herbert and Carole Keeler

Letty Kiesnowski
Gene and Helen King
William H. Kiser
Beth P. Kissling

Rudolph Kunstler
Paul and Deborah Lankford
Michelle S. Lee
Charlie and Martha Lewis
Diane Maki
Claire Marshall
Janice McCallister
Tricia McCoy
Donald and Holly Millsaps
Sherry and William R. Minnich
James R. Monahan
Vernon and Beth Neece
Gerald N. Oakley and Sarah E. Lane
Hugh and Margaret Paschal
Helen C. Pendergrass
Bill and Carol Perdue
Tim and Debra Phelps
Vickie L. Poole
Eve Przymusinski
Margaret W. Reeve
Joan Reid and Monty Montgomery
Mark and Karen Rodin
Jane C. Rogers
Gino F. Ruggi
Robert and Sarah Sanderford
L. Alan Sarnowski
Margaret Savage
Gary and Tina Schwartz
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Sears, Jr.
Joanne Senkus
Susan P. Shearin
Charles and Patricia Spruill
Susan F. Stedman
Margaret Stephenson
Jessica E. Stewart
Samuel G. Strickland
Robert R. Strickler
Robert and Susan Teer
Hans and Sigrid Teich
Julie J. Tomlinson
Joel and Lynne Trussell
David S. Urion
Charles A. Waldren and Diane B. Vannais
Vera Watson
Teresa Watts
Fredrick Whitby
Betty S. Winslow
Claudia and Rob Wood
Paul and Rita Young